Limestone Hills Academy

Play. explore. learn.

A safe and joyful place for your children

We are not just a school. We are the Above and Beyond of Preschools.

About us

We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

It is our belief that Limestone Hills Academy exists and functions because of the child. Our philosophy is reflected within our daily routines in our classrooms, and it is also integrated into our curriculum. Our ongoing experiences and daily routines evolve around the child. While each age group at Limestone Hills Academy has an overall set of goals, our professional and dedicated team understands the importance of individuality and meets each child’s needs through detailed lesson planning, observations, and routines to promote learning and development.

We are strong believers of home-school collaboration as it is the bedrock for the success of each child. Limestone Hills Academy has an open-door policy and we encourage parents/guardians to visit and be an active participant in their little ones’ care, education, and learning. We also welcome diverse individuals from various religious, cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.

What Parents are Saying
My daughter has been in Limestone Hills Academy for a year now. She has attended 3 other schools and we love it here! The facility is clean and the staff are friendly. My daughter comes home excited every night and ready to share what she did in school that day."
Ramona A. - Parent

More than just a joyful place

We are the home away from home for young children.